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Welcome to Discovery Digital Networks, creators of innovative and thought-provoking videos covering the most entertaining stories on the internet. Exploring technology, entertainment, animals, science, adventure and more, we reveal the world in a whole new light. We nourish your thirst for entertainment and satisfy your curiosity.

Discovery Digital Network shows can be watched on any screen, from the smallest smartphone to phablets, tablets, PCs, and all the way up to the biggest HDTVs. Our professionally produced HD shows are available any time, anywhere, on any device, and through multiple services, including,,, YouTube, iTunes, and more than 40 other distribution partners and devices.

Our unique advertising products are perfect for everything from direct response to branding. They tap into the innate curiosity of our viewers and use our hosts to introduce brands and products in an organic and effective way. Advertisers enjoy a unique bond with the audience via customized targeted pre-rolls, product integrations, smart native episode development and full-on channel and show sponsorship packages.

Case Studies


JackThreads was looking to target young, male, web savvy consumers to increase signups, drive sales, and build awareness for their daily sample sale shopping service.


JackThreads worked closely with Revision3 to integrate both the brand and "invite-only" messaging into a roster of Revision3 shows. Due to the unique, in-show messaging model, JackThreads customized messaging to each individual show, making it more relevant to viewers.


50%: Sign-up conversion rate for select Revision3 shows (5x industry average).

12%: Overall purchase conversion rate for Revision3 users (2x industry average).

Outpaced performance for most other online advertising partners.

Revision3 proved to be a primary vehicle in JackThreads' successful online launch.

JackThreads has increaded their commitment to Revision3 for 2011.

Users who have signed up for a JackThreads account through Revision3 purchase products more often than any other lead generator.


"Working with Revision3 has been hugely transformative for JackThreads. Throughout our partnership with Rev3, we've been able to attract the right web-savvy guys to not only get the word out and raise awareness, but drive a high volume of sales directly attributable to their audience. It would be nearly impossible to find a more profitable partner, or more reliable source for driving qualified leads than Revision3, not to mention how easy they are to work with.

John Wiseman

VP Marketing and Partnerships


Squarespace was looking to target the passionate fan base of Revision3 shows in an effort to increase sign-ups for their monthly web building/hosting services.


Squarepsace worked closely with Revision3 to integrate the brand, product, and message into a roster of Revision3 shows. Each show/host personalized campaign messaging to fit with the tone & voice of their show, making it more relevant to viewers.


538%: Average ROI for Revision3 in 2008 Squarespace campaign

843%: ROI for select Revision3 shows in 2008 Squarespace campaign

Outpaced performance for all other online advertising including key words, display media, and other video advertising

14% of new customers are directly attributed to Revision3, with indicators showing this number is actually much larger

Squarespace saw business grow nearly 2x

Squarespace increased their commitment to Revision3, expanding into more shows & custom sponsored events


Revision3 has made us! Let me explain. We have a great digital product but have been focused only on the technology. In 2008 we embraced online media to help drive sign ups and build the Squarespace brand. We used Adwords (98% ROI) and then banner ads (37% ROI) for some time. When we found Revision3 they changed our public recognition entirely! We saw a near doubling of our business and can directly credit 14% of the customers we have gained while working with them to their efforts. It is important to note that we can only track by use of promotional code. Our other indications are that Revision3 in fact has an even larger impact beyond the 538% ROI would indicate. In the end you cut us we bleed GREEN!

Dane Atkinson

CEO Squarespace