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Welcome to Discovery Digital Networks, creators of innovative and thought-provoking videos covering the most entertaining stories on the internet. Exploring technology, entertainment, animals, science, adventure, and more, we reveal the world in a whole new light. We nourish your thirst for entertainment and satisfy your curiosity.

Discovery Digital Network shows can be watched on any screen, from the smallest smartphone to phablets, tablets, PCs and all the way up to the biggest HDTVs. Our professionaly produced HD shows are available anytime, anywhere, on any device and through multiple services, including Revision3.com, Animalist.com, TestTube.com, PhillyD.tv, Sourcefed.com, YouTube, iTunes, and more than 40 other distribution partners and devices.

Our unique advertising products are perfect for everything from direct response to branding. They tap into the innate curiosity of our viewers and use our hosts to introduce brands and products in an organic and effective way. Advertisers enjoy a unique bond with the audience via customized targeted pre-rolls, product integrations, smart native episode development and full-on channel and show sponsorship packages.

Where to Watch

All of the great shows from Discovery Digital Networks can easily be found wherever and whenever our digital native audience wants to watch! Via Apps and Online Platforms as well as the latest Set-Top Devices, Discovery Digital Networks content is everywhere!

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Smart TVs
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